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 bBrowser.NET 4 (Vulcan Edition) - Patch-History


  • bBrowser:SelectionFirstRow(), bBrowser:SelectionNextRow()
    New optional parameter iOptions added.

  • bBrowser and default font
    If none font is defined in the bBrowser then the Windows font ANSI_VAR_FONT is no more used but the Windows font DEFAULT_GUI_FONT. This font contains more special characters than the other one.

  Bug Fixes

  • bBrowser and multiple selection with record groups
    The methods bBrowser:SelectionFirstRow() and bBrowser:SelectionNextRow() did not consider closed record groups. This was the reason that selected records in closed record groups were skipped. Only the first record of a closed record group was returned. This problem is fixed now. .

  • bBrowser and record groups
    Fixes a representation problem with virtual record group headers, if color conditions are defined in bBrowser.

  • bBrowser:UpdateVerticalScrollValues()
    Fixes an error at record groups which led to the fact that the thumb button of the vertical scrollbar jumped back to position 0.

  • bBrowser:VerticalScroll()
    Fixes an error when scrolling with the thumb button of the vertical scrollbar and bBrowser:ServerType #SQL, if during scrolling the last record scrolls into the visible area.

  • bBrowser:CloseColumn()
    Fixes an error which occurred when closing a column in the freeze area, if the table cursor was on the last column.

  • bBrowser:NotifyGoTop()
    If the deleted state of the first record has changed then the record is re-read.



  • bBrowser:FormatColumns()
    New Attributes:
    • #EditCloseFlags
    • #EditStartFlags
    • #HeightVariable
    • #ToolTipText
    • #WidthMax
    • #WidthMin
    • #ValueTransformList
    • #ViewEmptyValuesAs

  • bBrowser:GetFormatFromColumns()
    Determine format settings from data column.

  • bRecordGroup:CollapseItems()

  • bRecordGroup:ExpandItems()

  • bBrowser and Sort Marker
    The bBrowser supports sort markers in the column caption now. The following methods were implemented:
    • bBrowser:EnableCaptionSortMarker()
    • bBrowser:IsCaptionSortMarker()
    • bBrowserColumn:CaptionSortMarker (Access/Assign)

  Bug Fixes

  • bBrowser and horizontal scrolling
    Fixes various problems when horizontal scrolling.

  • bBrowser and server skiping
    Fixes various problems when skipping in record groups.

  • bBrowser and scrolling with mouse wheel
    Fixes an error when scrolling with mouse wheel in record groups.

    Fixes a display problem if the visible data area in bBrowser contains EoF records.

  • bDataColumn:ViewValueAs
    Fixes a bug that resulted in the setting of bDataColumn:ViewValueAs also was shown in EoF records.

  • bRecordGroup:CollapseItems()
    Fixes a problem which could occur in the bBrowser after the call of the method bRecordGroup:CollapseItems().

  • bArrayServer:RecordRestore()
    Fixes an error if the bArrayServer contains relations.

  • bArrayServer:FieldGet()
    Numeric field values are formatted on the defined field length.

  • bArrayServer:CreateOrder()
    If the evaluated expression for the sort order returns NIL, then the sort order is not created. In this case the method returns FALSE.

  • bBrowser:Recalculate()
    Fixes a problem in the method bBrowser:Recalculate() that could occur, if the row height of records was changed with the access bBrowser:RowHeight or if a column was defined in the access bBrowser:AutoWidthColumn.

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